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Guitar Lessons

I’m very passionate about playing the guitar and making music and I’d like to share my passion with you!

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner who wants to get to know music and how to play the guitar, or if you already play the guitar and want to improve your style, knowledge of theory or technique – I can teach you the basics of music as well as the secrets of being a guitar player.


   30 Minutes 60,00 € per Month
   45 Minutes 90,00 € per Month
   60 Minutes 120,00 € per Month


If you don’t want to take lessons on a regular basis you can also get a package of 10 lessons:

   10 x 30 Minutes 180,00 €
   10 x 45 Minutes 255,00 €
   10 x 60 Minutes 330,00 €


Feel free to send me a message so you can take your first trial-lesson soon!