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East Ring Studio

Welcome to East Ring Studio Wiesbaden!

Despite complex technical demands, It’s our highest goal to ensure a pure and creative workflow for all of our customers – as well as an enjoyable place where a production doesn’t feel like work at all!

East Ring Studio offers a 24m² recording room and a 12m² control room – enough space to record, produce, mix and master your next project!

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Equipment (excerpt)


Røde NT-1 Matched Pair
Oktava MK 012 – 01 Matched Pair
Sennheiser e906
Shure SM 57
Shure SM 58
Shure Beta 58
Shure Beta 52
Shure Beta 91



Neumann KH310 (Mixing, Mastering)
Teufel Ultima 20 Mk 2 (Mastering, Referencing)
Magnat HiFi Speakers

Other equipment:

Focusrite Clarrett 8preX Audio Interface
SPL Goldmike Mic-Pre
Mackie 16-Channel Summing Mixer
DW Collector Series Drumset
Engl 2×12 Cabinet (Celestion Vintage 30)
Mesa Boogie 1×12 Cabinet (Celestion Vintage 30)
Engl Ironball Guitar Amplifier
Fender Pro Reverb Guitar Amplifier
ART Tube Preamp
Cordial Pro Series Gold Cables
macOS 10.14 Mojave

Plugins by Waves-Audio, Joey Sturgis Tones,  Softube, PlugIn Alliance and more