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Even though I first picked up a guitar at age 12, I was surrounded by music all my life! While other children daydreamed about their soccer idols, I spent my time listening to music, playing with tape-decks, turntables and CD-players. If I remember correctly, the first record I could play on our record-player was „Ah Via Musicom“ by Eric Johnson at age four.

In my early days of playing the guitar I was possessed with high speed Powermetal. I spent all day playing the guitar and watching technique lessons and studio diary videos of my favorite bands. Due to the studio diaries I was fascinated by the idea of recording myself, overdubbing and making my own little backing tracks right from the start.

At age 16 I started my first band outside school, which was a Toto tribute-band called „Rosanna & the Lineholders„. I had the time of my life playing gigs with this project and we made it up to play on some huge local events such as the famous „Wiesbadener Stadtfest“.
After this Gig in particular Simon Nicholls (Julia Neigel, Glow, Urban Clubband) came to me and asked me if I wanted to join his band „Glow“ for a few shows. Simon gave me the opportunity to play local festivals such as the „Wilhelmstraßenfest“ and the „Kranzplatzfest“. Furthermore I was allowed to play with famous musicians like Alex Auer (Xavier Naidoo), Ralf Gustke (Xavier Naidoo, Söhne Mannheims), Moritz Müller (The Intersphere, Gianna Nannini, Ali Neander),

Jörg Dudys (Julia Neigel, Nena, Laith Al-Deen), Dominik Krämer (Heavytones, The Voice Of Germany) and Thomas Heinz (Tarja Turunen) – which I am very grateful for!

As a member of the BigBand-project „Big Noise“ of the „Wiesbadener Musik- und Kunstschule“ (WMK) I had the pleasure of playing four times as a support act for the HR BigBand in 2016 and 2017.

In late 2017 I started my first projects as a music-producer and worked with local acts like Tyler HendersonWell & Alive (new Album in the making) and Short Circuit (EP in the making) since.



In early 2018 I composed a soundtrack for young local filmmaker Jonathan Schneider together with Simon Rech which was produced, mixed and mastered by me as well (more details). Around that time I joined a new project called

„Freizeitkämpfer“ which will release it’s debut EP soon, for some studio work (live rehearsals currently running). Later that year I joined the Wiesbaden AllStars and formed an acoustic trio with Niclas Wlochowitz (Wiesbaden Night of Music) and Simon Rech (Foreign Faces) called „Lippowitz“ (currently working on our first EP).

Furthermore I’m currently building my first own studio in order to be able to create productions of much higher quality!

From March 2019 I will study music-production and audio engineering at Abbey Road Institute Frankfurt to work on my dream of being all three: guitarist, composer, producer