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Unauffällig Auffällig

„Unauffällig Auffällig: Soundtrack from the Motionpicture“

Is the soundtrack for Jonathan Schneider’s short-movie „Unauffällig Auffällig“ I wrote  in collaboration with Simon Rech. The movie deals with social grievances in the third world such as poverty, illnesses and loss of education. The three protagonists of the movie – Leon, Pia and Tamji – want to make the German public aware of these issues by organizing a charity-event. The main part of the movie shows how far the three teenagers are willing to go in order to raise enough money for the event. Among others, the project was sponsored by UNICEF. They also provided promotional audio and video material.

I got the opportunity to be part of this project because Simon and I always wanted to compose together but we never really found the time. However in July 2017 Simon called me and told me about Jonathan’s new short-movie and that writing the soundtrack together could be the opportunity we’ve been looking for – he was absolutely right!

Simon and I composed the score together, we both played piano, I played acoustic and electric guitars and bass. I also produced, mixed and mastered the soundtrack as well as the overall sound of the movie.



01.  Every 10 Seconds
02.  Sabrina’s Theme
03.  It’s not worth it
04.  How far would you go?
05.  It’s never fair
06.  Friends
07.  Forging the Plan
08.  Foyer
09.  Scherzo in A-Major
10.   Uncovered
11.   Adrian’s Twist
12.  From Nothing to Nothing
13.  For Better…
14.  …For Worse