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„Permanent – Musik von Tom Hartmann“

is the Soundtrack that Tom Hartmann wrote for young german Filmmaker Anthony Jole’s short movie „Permanent„.
The movie was shot in late summer of 2017 in one single take.

„Permanent“ tells the story of protagonist Lucy, who leaves a party early and has to witness what permanently happens every single day in every corner of the world…

I got into the production process by chance: I knew Anthony’s previous short-movies and I really appreciated his work much. Tommy and I used to jam a lot and played some very thrilling sessions since early 2016 and I wanted to work with him ever since. When I heard that Anthony was making a new movie together with Tom, I asked to join them on set to see how an Anthony Jole-Film is being created. They happily agreed and I even had the pleasure to appear as an extra in the first few minutes of the film.

After the filming, Anthony and Tom asked me if I wanted to be involved in the audio-production of „Permanent“. I agreed and so I was invited to mix and master Tom’s electronic based soundtrack as well as the main audio-track of the movie.

You can watch „Permanent“ as a whole on YouTube

Please check out Anthony’s content! He’s such an ambitious filmmaker: @AnthonyJoleFilms

Check out Tom as well, he’s an immensely talented drummer and composer @Krumset



01. Two on a Bike
02. Walking alone in the Dark
03. Ambulance
04. Last Song